Jessie Jones – “Sugar Coated” (Stereogum Premiere)

Jessie Jones – “Sugar Coated” (Stereogum Premiere)

Jessie Jones was once the frontwoman of the Burger Records-backed band Feeding People, who put out their debut on the So-Cal mainstay label in 2011 before signing to Innovative Leisure and releasing their final effort, Island Universe, in 2013. Jones has an intriguing, almost cinema-ready backstory: Supposedly raised a devout evangelical Christian, her love of music eventually superseded her relationship with religion. Or so the legend goes, according to a David Bevan-penned Spin review of Feeding People’s last album. Jones hasn’t been anywhere remotely near the spotlight since, but last year she began working on a new project and started singing in Death Valley Girls. Now, she’s announced that her debut self-titled solo album will be released this July, and what’s more, it’ll be released on her old label home, Burger. “Sugar Coated” is the first psychedelic weirdo-pop single; it’s all about moving forward, which is exactly what Jones does here. Listen below.

Jessie Jones is out 7/24 on Burger Records. Preorder a physical copy here, or digitally here.

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