Bono Impersonator Gets To Sing Onstage With U2

UPDATE: An attendee tells us the iPhone was part of the show. Fake Bono was directed by Bono to hold the phone, and it was broadcast on a venue screen that’s not visible in this video. As commenter Matthew points out, it’s still tacky, but not this guy’s fault. Mea culpa!


U2 aren’t have the best of luck pulling people up on stage to sing with them during their new tour. A few nights ago, someone in Phoenix wouldn’t get off the stage and, last night in Los Angeles, a Bono impersonator wouldn’t put away his iPhone while he got to sing with the band. According to Rolling Stone, the dude in question, Joe Hier, fronts a cover band called Hollywood U2, and was brought on stage while the group sang “Sweetest Thing.” The whole experience is pretty cool — Bono joked around with him about not having his new blonde hair and complimented his voice as he sang lead vocals — but it’s hard to enjoy because all you notice is the big, stupid pink-cased iPhone that the impersonator refused to let go of for four whole minutes. Rolling Stone reports that Hier borrowed the phone from another fan to film the performance. Watch below.

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