Ian MacKaye Unearths Fan Letter From 14-Year-Old Dave Grohl

Before he was best friends with David Letterman, before he was a Foo Fighter, before he was the drummer in Nirvana, before he was the drummer in Scream, Dave Grohl was the cute kid pictured above. That cute kid wrote a letter to Ian MacKaye when he was 14, asking the Minor Threat (and later Fugazi) frontman and Dischord Records founder for the numbers of “people to get in touch with.” One can only assume that Grohl needed some sort of musical connections, and since MacKaye was the local king of DIY at the time, he was the obvious go-to. It’s especially funny that Grohl notes the hours during which MacKaye can contact him: between 3 PM (when school let out) and 10 PM (bedtime). Check out the note below.

UPDATE: Grohl told NME the story behind the letter in the video below: