Drake Was Used In A Sentence During Scripps National Spelling Bee

God bless the cool English teacher, the one who sits on his desk chair backwards and cusses in class twice a year. In some sort of ultimate example of cool-English-teacher-ness, one judge dropped Drake’s name into the Scripp’s National Spelling Bee last night. (If you’ve seen the great documentary Spellbound, you know that spelling bee is a huge deal for a very particular type of kid.) When a contestant asked to hear the word “bacchius” in a sentence, the judge said something about Drake using “bacchius” in a rap on a forthcoming mixtape. That’s actually a terrible clue; it doesn’t say anything about how someone might actually use the word in context. (UPDATE: I stand corrected, it’s a good clue.) But it got a titter from the crowd, which was the whole point. And Drake like hearing his name enough to post it on Instagram. Observe:


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(via Bleacher Report)

We’ll know how much this mattered to Drake if we ever actually hear him use “bacchius” in a verse.

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