Tralala – “The Girls Say”

I picked Tralala’s self-titled album last weekend at Other Music, and liking it smacks of the same kind of secret shame as liking The Go-Go’s, and it’s not just because it’s girl pop.

But there’s this one song … I heard it, and it was sort of chilling, because it took me back to college, and it totally reminded me of this girl with whom I had a highly dysfunctional on-again off-again making out arrangement. One of the lyrics goes, “I want you to reel me in and hold me close but/when we’re together I just shake and cry.”

Now this is the official soundtrack to me thinking back to those times. And, like, I am NOT usually the kind of person who makes a song the official soundtrack to something after one listen.

Tralala – “The Girls Say” (MP3 link expired)