Watch L7’s Original Lineup Play “Pretend We’re Dead” At First Show In 18 Years

After hinting they would reunite via Facebook last year, and announcing a series of shows and a documentary, it’s finally happening. L7’s original lineup reunited to play their first show in 18 years at the L.A. venue the Echo last night. Watch them encore 1992’s “Pretend We’re Dead,” and check out the show’s full setlist below.

01 “Andres”
02 “Deathwish”
03 “Everglade”
04 “Monster”
05 “Scrap”
06 “Fuel My Fire”
07 “Diet Pill”
08 “(Right On) Thru”
09 “Freak Magnet”
10 “One More Thing”
11 “I Need”
12 “Slide”
13 “Shove”
14 “Mr. Integrity”
15 “Shitlist”
16 “American Society” (Eddie & The Subtitles Cover)
17 “Pretend We’re Dead”
18 “Fast And Frightening”

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