Paul Westerberg Spelling Out Message Via T-Shirts As Replacements Wrap Up Reunion

During the Replacements’ reunion tour over the past two months, Paul Westerberg has worn a white t-shirt every night with a letter spray painted onto the front and back, spelling out two different sentences with each side. Fans have pieced together the message that he’s been subtly sending out, which will be completed after their two shows in London this week. According to the Facebook page Paul’s Shirt, the message reads: “I have always loved you. Now I must whore my past.” (The last word could also be pain — we’ll see for sure in a few days.)

It reads like a sort of apology for the reunion tour, which makes sense given the attitude that seems to be coming from the Replacements camp. A Billboard article from a few days ago cites a source close to the band that says their reunion may be short-lived. The band debuted a few new songs live throughout the tour, but reports say that time in the studio didn’t result in much, and the band announced that it was canceling two make-up shows that were scheduled for next month. All signs seem to point to a quick dissolution for the band, though a different source also told Billboard that they would just be “taking a break” and that this is a “natural progression of things.”

Only time will tell, but so far the last Replacements show that’s on the books is next weekend at Primavera Sound.