Stream Citizen Fish Manmade EP

The best live show I’ve ever seen was a 1996 show from the supernaturally great Richmond, Virginia hardcore band Avail, and I doubt I’ll ever see a show I love as much as I loved that one. The band who opened for Avail that night was Citizen Fish, the crusty, anarchist British ska-punk band, and they were great, too. Citizen Fish are a fascinating anomaly: A band that brings deep punk-squat credibility to a genre of music that’s come to be associated with frosted tips and Vans contracts. They’re a rough, grizzled bunch of fuckers, and they’re still going. Their new Manmade EP is their first record since their 2011 album Goods, partly because several members of the band, including singer Dick Lucas, has gotten busy with the reunion of the Subhumans, their great ’80s anarcho-punk band. But Manmade still sound very much like Citizen Fish, even in an age when they’re even more of an anachronism. Below, experience some deeply felt ska-punk songs about the violence that capitalism does to the human soul.

(via PunkNews)

Manmade is out now, and you can buy it at Bandcamp.

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