St. Vincent Fell Off A Stack Of Speakers In Knoxville

If you’ve ever seen St. Vincent live, you know that Annie Clark’s modus operandi seems to be to find the tallest thing she can reach on stage and climb it. It’s badass, but also seems like a recipe for disaster. She’s gotten through most of her shows unscathed so far, but her show last night at the Tennessee Theater in Knoxville was a close call. After starting to scale a speaker stack, the top speaker apparently dislodged and caused her to fall back onto the stage.

@st_vincent falling off a speaker last night

A video posted by @vargasm01 on

Scary! A crowd report from the show via Reddit says that she milked the accident for all it was worth after figuring out that she wasn’t hurt too badly. Apparently, she crawled to the middle of the stage and laid there for a few minutes, and jumped up just as everyone was starting to wonder if she was really OK. She then proceeded with the rest of the show.

After the concert was over, Clark took to Twitter to assure everyone that she was fine:

And shared the extent of her injuries on Instagram:

Looks like it could have been a lot worse, but thankfully she’s OK.

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