Eminem – “Phenomenal”

Eminem – “Phenomenal”

Once upon a time, Eminem was cast as the lead of director Antoine Fuqua’s boxing movie Southpaw. As it turns out, Jake Gyllenhaal is the star of the movie, which comes out next month. But Em did contribute a new single called “Phenomenal” to the soundtrack. We’ve heard bits of it in the Southpaw trailer and in Draymond Green’s Beats commercial, and now the whole thing is up online. It’s a big, clomping track that’s clearly going for some of the anthemic quality of “Lose Yourself.” But this is no goddam “Lose Yourself.” Instead, it’s a noisy, screamy, rhythmless mess, and it’s hard to believe that anyone involved thought this thing was ready for release. Watch it become a huge success anyway! Listen to the track, if you must, below.

“Phenomenal” is up on iTunes right now.

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