Stream Senpai Hell In My Head/Mind Honey

Way back in 2013, Ann Arbor’s Pity Sex released Feast Of Love, which was easily one of the most impressive debut full-lengths of guitar-driven rock music we heard that year. In turn, we named Pity Sex one of the Best New Bands of 2013, and have been following their rapid rise ever since. When James and I published our list of the 6 Breakout Indie Labels of 2014, we included Run For Cover Records, who shared with us the knowledge that they’d be releasing Pity Sex’s sophomore full-length sometime this year. Aside from a single and a Pixies cover, we didn’t hear much from the band, which in my opinion, classifies the next record as being a “highly anticipated” release. I can’t fucking wait. In the meantime, two of Pity Sex’s members, Brennan Greaves and Sean St. Charles, play in a band called Senpai alongside friends in the local punk act Brave Bird. Now, Senpai have released both sides of their digital 7″, “Hell In My Head” and “Mind Honey.” Both of the songs were recorded with Will Yip, the renowned engineer who is working on Pity Sex’s forthcoming album. The opening lines of “Hell In My Head” foreshadow this release in all of its glorious self-reflection and bummed-out whimsy: “Hell in my head/ Tear me up and turn me into shreds, when I’m dead.” It’s an excellent debut; listen below.

Hell In My Head/Mind Honey is out now via self-release. Buy it here.

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