Metric – “Cascades”

Last month, Metric released lead single “The Shade” with the promise of an album announcement to come. That day is here: The Canadian band’s sixth album is called Pagans In Vegas, and will be out on 9/18. They’ve also shared another new track called “Cascades,” which they describe as “the song we consider the pounding heart of our new album.” It’s a slinking, whirring electronic track that I’m not entirely sold on. It sounds kind of lifeless, but I’ll hold out hope. Metric’s track record is pretty unimpeachable — even when they’re not operating at full speed, like on Live It Out or Synthetica, they’re still pretty damn great. But the riff on this sounds a little too much like the one from “Hustle Rose” that I can’t help but think they’re repeating themselves a bit. But they have a whole album to prove that wrong! Listen to the new song and check out the tracklist below.

01 “Lie Lie Lie”
02 “Fortunes”
03 “The Shade”
04 “Celebrate”
05 “Cascades”
06 “For Kicks”
07 “Too Bad, So Sad”
08 “Other Side”
09 “Blind Valentine”
10 “The Governess”
11 “The Face, Pt. I”
12 “The Face, Pt II”
13 “Office Towers Escalate”

Pagans In Vegas is out 9/18 via MMI/Crystal Math. You can preorder it on iTunes here.

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