Holly Herndon – “Morning Sun” Video

Holly Herndon’s impressionistic new record, Platform, was released last month, and if you take time to listen beyond her glitchy, unconventional beat-reordering, it becomes clear that the composer’s songs are imbued with layers of deeper meaning. There’s an urgency to this record that’s not easily ignored; it’s at-times rapid-fire arrangements become unsettling when they’re subdued by the often unanticipated collected cool of Herndon’s voice. The accompanying John Merizalde- and Mat Dryhurst-directed video for the Platform track “Morning Sun” illustrates this dichotomous beauty as Herndon traipses through an alien landscape (or is it earth?) wearing a space suit. She confronts a monstrous desert sandstorm, and in the final shot, a cryptic message appears on the screen: “May it be more humane and fair than the world your governments have made before.” Watch below.

Platform is out now via 4AD/RVNG Intl.