Christopher Owens – “To Take Care Of Myself Again” Video

Christopher Owens recently shared a surprise new album called Chrissybaby Forever. We talked to him at length about the record and his life, which you can read here. Today he’s released a self-directed video to accompany one of the album’s most poignant tracks, “To Take Care Of Myself Again.” It takes the concept of self-care and tips it on its head, crafting a missive about adults re-learning how to assert what they need and when. The visuals are subtle and stunning — vintage film shots of flowers blooming juxtaposed with children in museums, a man in a kilt playing a bagpipe, a girl diving into a lake. They’re simple moments that seem to represent the innocence Owens wants to recapture for himself. Watch below.

Chrissbaby Forever is out now via Turnstile. Get it here.