Ed Sheeran Took Jay Z And Beyoncé To A Midtown Pub And Covered “Empire State Of Mind”

Beyoncé slummed it with Ed Sheeran at a midtown bar over the weekend after Sheeran’s performance on Sunday night at Barclays Center. (Jay Z was there, too.) Sheeran mentioned the hangout briefly on Jimmy Fallon in an interview, which led Vulture to do some investigative reporting to get the full scoop. Turns out they were at Houndstooth Pub, which is co-owned by Snow “Chasing Cars” Patrol singer Gary Lightbody. And they spoke with a bartender there that said Sheeran and his opener Foy Vance took over the bar and did an acoustic performance for an hour, including singing a cover of “Empire State Of Mind.”

And if you want to get extra creepy, Vulture has you covered: They started the night with a round of Jagerbombs, and then “Jay Z and Beyoncé both had a Johnny Walker Blue on the rocks, after which Beyoncé ordered one from the bar herself. (She’s her own woman.)” They also had a slice of pizza together, though they could have gotten that from anywhere.

Unfortunately, there’s no video of the occasion.