Stream Year Of Glad’s Debut EP (Stereogum Premiere)

Describing a new band as a supergroup feels like something of a misnomer when they’re made up of members of a bunch of smaller bands, but Year Of Glad’s roster certainly invites that descriptor. It’s made up of a great list of musicians in the Philadelphia DIY punk scene: Nona’s Mimi Gallagher and 1994!‘s Chris Diehm trade off on vocal duties, while Mike Harping of Good Luck and Mike Bell from Mike Bell & the Movies play backup. All of them come together for this new Infinite Jest-inferring band with a debut EP that rocks as hard as anything you’ll hear this year. Over four tracks, Year Of Glad makes a strong argument for Philly as the hotbed of punk today, with straight-laced harmonies and songs that are shake-your-butt-off good. On “Flowers,” Gallagher tries to take care of something without letting it whither away — “I got sad and I let my flowers die” — and turns her loathing to someone else on the scathing “Turn,” where she asks, “You like the sound of your own voice, don’t you?” and sinks her teeth in. Year Of Glad is just a jumping off point, but all of the members are experienced enough that they jump pretty high with tracks that are fun to listen to and easy to like. Check it out below.

Year Of Glad is out 6/9 via Lame-O Records.