BigBang – “Bang Bang Bang” Video

BigBang – “Bang Bang Bang” Video

The South Korean boy band BigBang are a pop-cultural force all around Asia, and if you’ve watched their absolutely fucking insane megabudget videos for tracks like “Fantastic Baby,” you will have some idea why. The group has a new album called M.A.D.E. coming out in September, and the meticulously planned rollout includes both a North American arena tour and a new, insanely epic video at the beginning of every month. The new one is for “Bang Bang Bang,” and it is a beautiful, absurd riot of glitter and pink hair and hydraulic low-riders and flamethrowers and tricked-out motorcycles and grenade launchers and studded leather and androgynous models on leashes and anti-aircraft guns and cowboy hats and Buckingham Palace guard hats and assault vehicles being driven like chariots. I love it. I love it so much. Watch it below.

M.A.D.E. is out 9/1 on YG Entertainment.

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