All We Are – “Honey” Video

A montage of nature footage quickly turns into what Liverpool-based All We Are calls a “Lynchian purgatory” in the new video for “Honey,” a track off their self-titled debut LP, released earlier this year. With harmonies as sweet as the track’s name, the groovy chorus (“Honey, you’ve got to feel it with somebody”) is enough to distract the viewer from an otherwise creepy video. Director Stephen Agnew’s take on All We Are’s funky music is much different than the bright and cheery imagery found on the band’s album art and previous videos for “Keep Me Alive,” “I Wear You,” and “Utmost Good.” However, the mind-bending abstractions remain in the “Honey” video, aligning perfectly with their self-dubbed “psychedelic boogie” style. Surely this catchy track will get stuck in your head, just like honey sticks to the group’s faces at the end of the video — a very literal take on the song’s title. Watch.

All We Are is out now on Domino.