Stars – “No One Is Lost” Video

If you’ve watched either of these last two videos from Canadian emo synth-pop group Stars, it’s very clear that the band are working through thoughts about their legacy. Such is the case for many indie pop bands who achieve a stable and devoted fan base but reach something of a plateau after several years. Stars’ last album No One Is Lost was their eighth. It was well-received, but by now it’s clear they will never be an arena act. Does that mean they should quit? “Trap Door” focused on the ever moving thrust toward radio and creating new “content” and this video, ostensibly for “No One Is Lost,” kicks off with a candid conversation between Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan, and later, features another between Pat McGee and Evan Cranley. Will their band last forever? Should it? Are they foolish for pursuing purist, indie desires when they could sell out in favor of big tent pop? What is the meaning of life? It’s a poignant, intimate look into a veteran indie band’s modern reality. As always, the song itself is pristine indie rock; a mooning meditative on loss and acceptance. Watch below.

No One Is Lost is out now via ATO.

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