Terror Pigeon – “BYOYOLO” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

“BYOYOLO” is the ecstatic closing track to Terror Pigeon’s magical and uplifting Live It Up Before You Die It Up!, the best record from last year that you maybe probably haven’t heard yet. It’s a heart-racing track built around a mantra that encourages you to “go and fuck the shit out of your dreams,” and the video is equally as great. It was put together by Dominic Rabalais (Little Ruckus) and Emily Kempft (Supermagical) — who both also grace the artwork for the album — and it’s a hyperactive, striking series of images: they play piano in bondage gear, stare intimidatingly into the camera, make a face mask out of food. Most of all, they channel the inspiring, frantic energy of the song in a really great way. Watch below.

Live It Up Before You Die It Up! is out now via Stay Magical. Also check out the B-sides collection Yucksongs! 2014:( from earlier this year.