St. Vincent Details Her Beauty Regimen For The New York Times

Annie Clark always looks really great, and she talked to The New York Times about how she gets it all done. From skin care to diet, she seems pretty unfussy about everything — she does her own makeup on tour, doesn’t go overboard on face products or perfume. “It’s makeup, it’s not going to cure cancer,” she says of her approach. She says she gets “massages on tour because holding a guitar for two hours a day has done a number on my back alignment.” Makes sense. Since getting rid of the wild lavender hair that marked her St. Vincent promo artwork, she’s been keeping it simple: “I’m just going to go into the salon and say I want the Nick Cave minus the receding hairline.” And she has some special outfits planned for St. Vincent’s set this weekend at Governor’s Ball in New York, which should be exciting to see. Here’s an excerpt about her skin care routine:

I wash my face with a Dayle Breault wash. She’s a facialist a friend recommended, and she lives just a block away in the East Village. And then I put on SPF, which I always wear. I’m very fair, so I freckle and burn. I’ve been vacillating between a Neutrogena one from Super Target and Kiehl’s. That’s it. I’m very, very low maintenance, bordering on extreme laziness.

In the shower, I use Dr. Bronner’s. I like the lavender scent, but I’m usually in hotels, so I use whatever shower gels and body lotions are available.

For moisturizer, I use the Egyptian Magic stuff. It’s not too heavy for me.

And here are her thoughts about hair:

Growing up in Dallas, sure, there are beauty stereotypes. It’s mostly all about being tan and having straight blond hair. I didn’t really have an “in” in that regard. But I didn’t worry about it too much. My hair is naturally very curly and dark. It’s been through a lot.

Earlier in the year, I had silvery lavender hair. Pamela Neal, out in Los Angeles, who does David Bowie and Bjork’s hair and basically everyone in the world who I think is cool, did it. I came in with a mess of hair, and she took a look and brought out this lavender wash. It was spontaneous. It was definitely a punk-rock, guerrilla-style moment.

Pamela is responsible for the highlighted mullet I had at Coachella, too. I got an unfortunate “Grease” haircut over the holidays that I like to call “Audrey Hepburn with an anger problem.” Pamela did the best she could with it. Then I had really unfortunate boy-band frosted tips; it was a look. But I think it’s fun when things look kind of silly.

Now, I don’t really know what it is. I have long fringe that starts at the crown of my head, but then it’s really curly in the back. For events, I’ve been straightening it and slicking it back. It’s also back to dark, and there’s about 2.5 inches of actually natural color that’s healthy and still about two inches of the boy-band frosted tips that have been dyed over. I’m just going to go into the salon and say I want the Nick Cave minus the receding hairline.

My hair is pretty fry guy. One of my friends suggested using Leonor Greyl products. I’ve been using a mask. It comes in a square bottle, it’s really heavy and it takes up a lot of space in the suitcase. There should be beluga caviar in it for what it takes to lug around. But it’s the only thing that’s been helping me grow my hair out.


Read more about Clark’s entire beauty regimen here.

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