Mas Ysa – “Gun” (Feat. Hundred Waters’ Nicole Miglis)

Mas Ysa – “Gun” (Feat. Hundred Waters’ Nicole Miglis)

Next month, Mas Ysa will release his debut full-length, Seraph. So far, we’ve heard two tracks from it — “Look Up” and “Margarita” — that both show off Thomas Arsenault’s flair for the dramatic, pairing big wall of sound choruses with intimate and intricately-arranged breakdowns. “Gun,” his next single from the album, takes a different approach. It’s a lovely, understated duet with Hundred Waters vocalist Nicole Miglis. Their quivering voices play off of each other as massive synths pop off like fireworks in the background. “I wanted the other side of the story told and not just mine,” Arsenault explained his decision to make this song a duet. “I’d written it originally with just the male perspective and it felt a bit unsatisfying, so I brought the subject into the song. That was cathartic.” Listen below.

Seraph is out 7/24 via Downtown Records

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