Death Grips Share Mysterious New Album By The I.L.Y.’s

Death Grips Share Mysterious New Album By The I.L.Y.’s

Some more Death Grips games! Late last night, the supposed/basically confirmed Death Grips Twitter account @bbpoltergiest sent out a link to a zip file hosted on the band’s Thirdworlds label website. Opening that file revealed a whole album called I’ve always been good at true love by a band known as The I.L.Y.’s. As with all things Death Grips, there’s a bunch of facts that seem to lead to a certain conclusion, but you can never be sure.

It looks like it’s a side project of the band, with Zach Hill on vocals, Andy Morin on beats and production, and Tera Melos’ Nick Reinhardt on guitar, who last appeared with them on Jenny Death earlier this year. I could buy that. There’s definitely a connection here — the sleuths over on Reddit point out that someone in the “I Seen Footage” video from way back in 2012 is wearing a shirt (pictured above) that says “The Sickest Fuck Of Them All,” which also happens to be the name of the first track on the album. It’s also the name of an abandoned film project of Hill’s, which apparently featured a fictional band called The I.L.Y.’s.

Another theory floating around out there is that this is a band that’s signed to Thirdworlds and will open up for them on their upcoming tour. That could be possible even if it is a side project of theirs — I could see them being down to pull double duty as opening act and headliner.

Either way, this album is actually pretty good no matter what the source! Stream the album below, and download the whole thing here.

01 “The Sickest Fuck Of Them All”
02 “Itchy Itchy Itchy”
03 “My Career”
04 “Articulate (Im Going So Far Into You”
05 “Bubble Letters”
06 “Specialized”
07 “Sustain”
08 “The Whole Thing”
09 “All She Does Is Kill Shit”

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