Stream Chris Weisman Chaos Isn’t Single (Stereogum Premiere)

Stream Chris Weisman Chaos Isn’t Single (Stereogum Premiere)

Chris Weisman’s signature brand of rambling folk is some of the most underrated music of its genre. Part of that has to do with Weisman’s elusive persona; he doesn’t run his own Facebook page or have a Twitter, he doesn’t tour, and he lives in the idyllic but tiny town of Brattleboro, Vermont. But Weisman is one of the most prolific songwriters of our day, dropping new material so consistently that it’s almost like his pockets are overflowing with delicate melodies and carefully-rendered observations. Weisman spreads his releases out across a variety of different small-but-mighy DIY cassette labels; back in February, Burlington, Vermont’s NNA Tapes released Weisman’s The Holy Life That’s Coming full length, and on 6/16 he will drop the amusingly-titled Chaos Isn’t Single on Greenfield, MA’s Hidden Temple Tapes. What fascinates me most about Weisman’s songwriting is the way in which he manages to take very small observations and transform them into events that speak to a greater meaning. Weisman creates a universe for himself inundated in contemplation — mountaintops bleed into early morning alarm clocks, and people can major in “stages of sand.” There’s no loneliness here; the space that he welcomes his listeners into is safe and deeply, deeply beautiful. Of course he doesn’t play up his talents on the internet. It would ruin him. Stream Chaos Isn’t Single below.

Chaos Isn’t Single is out 6/16 via Hidden Temple Tapes.

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