Watch Florence + The Machine’s Better-Than-It-Had-To-Be Good Morning America Performance

This is a weirdly huge day for British festival-pop stars on American daytime television. If you watched TODAY, you got to see Charli XCX. And if you switched over to Good Morning America Florence Welch’s howls might’ve knocked you right out of your breakfast nook. Florence + The Machine took over New York’s Central Park Summerstage for the show, and Welch, wearing what appeared to be the same red suit she rocked on The Tonight Show, belted out two songs, “Ship To Wreck” and “What Kind Of Man,” from her new album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. She also brought out the I-guess-you’d-have-to-call-it-classic “Dog Days Are Over.” Welch is one hell of a live performer, and it sure looks like her broken foot is feeling a whole lot better, at least to the point where she’s able to run down to the barricade again. Watch all three performances below.

(via Idolator)

How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful is out now on Republic.