D∆WN – “Running From Sane”

Dawn Richard is a former member of the Bad Boy reality-TV girl group Danity Kane and of Diddy’s shockingly great new-wavey group Diddy-Dirty Money. But other than some time spent with an ill-fated Danity Kane reunion, she’s spent the past few years on her own, making inventive and badass spaced-out soul records and releasing them on her own. She’s now using the name D?WN, and her new song “Running From Sane” is the first track in this year’s Adult Swim Singles Program. The song draws a lot of inspiration from forward-thinking dance music, but it’s also got harmonies that remind me of traditional folk. It’s a powerful, interesting piece of music, and you can hear it below.

Starting at noon, you’ll be able to download the track for free here.