Katy Perry Readies “Bad Blood” Response Track “1984”?

Taylor Swift has never come out and said that “Bad Blood,” her 1989 track and recent #1 single, is a dis song about Katy Perry. She’s told Rolling Stone that it’s about another singer and that the two are “straight-up enemies,” but that’s about all she’ll say. Still, just about everyone agrees that Perry is the song’s target. And Perry seems to agree, too. According to Digital Spy, Perry has registered a new song called “1984” with BMI. Swift’s 1989 was named after the year she was born, and Perry was born in ’84, so it seems like a pretty direct reference. Perry co-wrote the song with Andreas Carlsson, Patrick Collier, Nazerine Tokio, and R&B kingmaker Dallas Austin. No word yet on when we’ll get to hear the sparkle-pop “Ether,” but the world waits with breathlessly.

UPDATE: A rep tells Billboard that Perry was “not involved in writing, singing, recording or registering this song.” It is still registered in her name at BMI.

UPDATE 2: Turns out Perry’s work is actually registered with ASCAP. The organization tells us anything credited to her on BMI has nothing to do with her song registrations.