Heems – “Damn Girl” Video

Heems – “Damn Girl” Video

Former Das Racist rapper Heems released his masterfully-titled solo album Eat Pray Thug back in March, which we named Album Of The Week for its ability to tangle the deeply personal with greater societal issues. In-line with this interpretation, the video for “Sometimes” was a spot-on, winking critique of aspirational whiteness that featured Hannibal Buress and Eric Andre. But “Damn Girl” doesn’t necessarily open itself up to a broader appraisal. This is an ambitious song about heartbreak wrought by a relationship that just won’t quit regardless of how many times Heems has tried to end it, and the accompanying video features him moving in spit-fire formations completely alone in a gallery show he hosted in his home city of New York. He raps, “You’re a trigger, you’re a killer and I ain’t finna bone/ You’re a trigger, you’re a killer and you take me out my zone.” Watch below.

Eat Pray Thug is out now via Megaforce.

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