Davido x Meek Mill – “Fans Mi” Video

On the infectious “Fans Mi,” Meek Mill joins Nigerian hookmaster Davido for a vibrant, tongue-in-cheek video about tricking a mob boss. The video is a riot because it starts off incorporating every single rap video trope you can think of — half-naked, beautiful women posing in all sorts of unlikely and highly-sexualized postures, what look to be actual plates full of cocaine, a mansion full of Davido’s gun-totting crew — and ends with a grinning Davido eating dinner.

Why is this man grinning??

Because while every signifier we’ve been trained to identify as cocaine abounds in the video, the final scene reveals that it was not, in fact, cocaine, but processed poundo yam flour, a West African concoction that is also fine, white and powdery. The crime boss he’s been bargaining with all along is left with useless, delicious flour and no drugs. Nigerian cinematographer Sesan Ogunro shot this one and it’s probably the most enjoyable payoff I’ve seen since Kevin Spacey dropped his coffee cup in The Usual Suspects. Meek Mill does kind of steal the show here: After every single dance move — and he’s got some great ones — he looks up and acts all surprised that the camera is watching him. Watch below.