Watch My Morning Jacket Throw Out The First Pitch At A White Sox Game

My Morning Jacket are probably the last dudes I’d expect to see throwing an opening pitch at a baseball game, but that’s just what they did at yesterday’s White Sox game in advance of their three-night run at the Chicago Theater. In a video for MLB, the band talks about their connections to baseball and their appreciation for the city. “I like Chicago because it’s like a bunch of different worlds combined into one and you really feel that and feel the variety in life and positivity in life,” Jim James says. “It’s also real close to Louisville where we’re from, so it’s always felt kind of like our big brother city.” Keyboardist Bo Koster also said that he was named after Bo Diaz, a Cleveland Indians catcher in the ’70s — he’s the one that had the honor of throwing the first pitch, and he did a decent job. Watch below.

(via Pitchfork)