Spotify Hits 75M Users, 20M Premium

As the streaming-services wars heat up, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that upstarts like Apple Music and Tidal are going to have a hell of a time catching up with Spotify’s numbers. As The Guardian reports, Spotify chose the immediate aftermath of Apple Music’s flashy launch to announce that Spotify now has 75 million users, 20 million of whom pay for the premium service. In a blog post about all the strides that the company is making, Spotify claims that it’s paid out more than three billion dollars in royalties, with $300 million of that coming just in the first three months of 2015. The same blog post trumpets an increase in royalties paid out to artists, claming that a “niche/indie artist” could earn $1.2 million in Spotify royalties, while a “global superstar” could make $13.9 million. That money, of course, goes to labels and music publishers, and only a tiny bit ever seems to trickle down to artists. We’ll have to see whether the other services do much better on that score, but we’ll also have to see if they can come up with any real way to compete with the Spotify juggernaut at all. Meanwhile the Swedish company just raised over half a billion dollars in its latest funding round.

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