The Foetals – “Fine” (Stereogum Premiere)

The Foetals’ debut single “Fine” straddles the line between bleary, blown-out garage rock and sunny, tailored ’60s pop with particular finesse. The Manchester band is fronted by Jolan Lewis, who also fronts the Pink Teens and plays in ex-WU LYF member Francis Lung’s band, and he brings an appealing caterwaul to the table that exudes youthful energy. “Move to the city, don’t sleep alone/ It’s kind of fitting that you’re never home,” he espouses in the chorus, met with muffled drums. The lyrics twist and turn sharply, running through ideas and discarding them just as quickly. “Take some advice if ever someone offers to give some, ’cause everyone is dumb but some get by.” A few lines later, Lewis apologizes for the diversion: “Getting back to the point…” “Fine” is a love letter of sorts to the transformative nature of the city, to stumbling through independence and learning and growing from your surroundings. “You’re staying here, so send for your things.” Listen below.

Meet The Foetals is out in October via PNKSLM.

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