Hellrazor – “Wut” (Stereogum Premiere)

Before he was the drummer in Speedy Ortiz, Michael Falcone made dozens of demo tapes on a 4-track, recording alone without a clue that one day he would be a member of one of the biggest young rock bands in the world. That’s a dramatic assumption, but there’s a certain romance to envisioning musicians as they once were, before they were a middling-sized font on a festival poster. Falcone still records with his three-piece side project, Hellrazor, and later this month, Seagreen Records will release their split alongside another band made up of Northeastern mainstays, Spook The Herd. Both bands will play at Ovlov’s official farewell show (they broke up officially back in March) on the day of the split’s release, and if you’re a bummed-out Ovlov fan, be sure to check out Steve Hartlett’s new project, Stove. Listen to Hellrazor’s single “Wut” below.

The Hellrazor/Spook The Herd Split is out 6/18 via Seagreen Records.