Preview Cat Power’s Turn As An Animated Gorilla In Adult Swim’s China, IL

Joining the ranks of plenty other musicians who have guest-starred on Adult Swim series, Cat Power aka Chan Marshall will be featured on the season finale of the animated show China, IL. Marshall will play Kei-ko, a sad gorilla, and sing several songs, including “I’m Starting To Lose Hope Again,” which was penned by show creator Brad Neely. Neely also arranged and performed the music for the song. Additionally, the show includes Hulk Hogan and Jeffrey Tambor as a college dean and professor respectively.

For those with any interest in the show, Neely explained why Marshall’s character Kei-ko is sad:

Well, for one she was bread in captivity and has never been free. Now she finds herself in a school (UCI) where The Dean (Hulk Hogan) is turning living animals into fuel, skipping the “fossil part.” She has never fully lived and soon her life will be over. We based her character, and speaking device off the gorilla in Congo.

Watch a clip below.

The 60-minute episode airs 6/14 at 11:30PM.