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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

I don’t think you can call it the best anything, but the most important music-related moving images this week were the flood of cell-phone videos from outside Hot 97 Summer Jam, where police responded to a fight by closing the show’s doors and then firing tear gas into the crowd. This sort of story is depressingly common these days, but it’s fucking incredible that certain police organizations react with militaristic force to the prospect of large groups of minorities having fun. Rant aside, there were some good music videos this week, and five of them are below.

5. Heems – “Damn Girl” (Dir. Heems)

Did you know Heems could dance like that? I didn’t know Heems could dance like that.

4. Bully – “Trying” (Dir. David Kleiler)

I can’t think of any good reason why I’ve never spent a day at an amusement park. I also can’t think of any reason why the security guards didn’t find the band as soon as they plugged their instruments in, but I am not going to sit here and question Music Video Logic.

3. Vic Mensa – “U Mad” (Feat. Kanye West) (Dir. Grant Singer)

Dramatically lit moshpits are some of my favorite things; word to the Offspring’s “Gotta Get Away” video.

2. Ghost – “Cirice” (Dir. Roboshobo)

Between this and Mark Ronson and Mystikal’s “Feel Right” video, school talent shows with dramatic twists are the new music-video hotness, and I am absolutely OK with that. This one gets extra points for giallo lighting. Everything looks better with giallo lighting.

1. Björk – “Black Lake” (Dir. Andrew Thomas Huang)

This one has spent the past few weeks as a 3D art-museum installation, and that was probably the best way to experience it. But 10 minutes of Björk dramatically grieving while romping across volcanic rock is pretty sublime when seen on your computer screen, too.