Watch Bill Murray & Zooey Deschanel In The Trailer For Music Biz Comedy Rock The Kasbah

Thanks to films like Lost In Translation and pretty much every Wes Anderson movie ever, Bill Murray has made a bit of a second career for himself playing washed-up, apathetic old men. In Barry Levinson’s new music biz comedy Rock The Kasbah, well, he’s still doing that, but in a more overtly comic manner. Murray stars as an aging tour manager who takes his last remaining client (Zooey Deschanel) on a USO trip to Afghanistan, where Deschanel’s character promptly robs him and leaves him stranded without a wallet or passport. Hijinks ensue, of course, and he eventually meets up with and agrees to manage a young Afghan girl on her way to Kabul for an American Idol-esque singing competition. Bruce Willis, Kate Hudson, Danny McBride, and Scott Caan also star. You can watch the movie’s first trailer — soundtracked by David Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel,” Harry Nilsson’s “Jump Into The Fire,” and Bill Murray singing a spirited if not particularly tuneful rendition of “Smoke On The Water” — below.

(via Deadline)

Rock The Kasbah hits theaters 10/23.