Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Today’s Shut Up, Dude comes to you from Manchester, TN where Ryan Leas and I will be reporting on Bonnaroo 2015. I’ve been coming to Bonnaroo since 2004 and in case it wasn’t already clear, it is now legitimately a 4-day festival. Last night’s lineup had Strand Of Oaks, Iceage, Courtney Barnett, Def Loaf, Mac DeMarco, DMA’s, Benjamin Booker, Raury, and more. On a Thursday. The port-a-potties were still clean! DeMarco was an early highlight. He covered Steely Dan after security pulled a drunk, naked girl from the audience. (I think she was ok… they just didn’t want her to be naked?) There are wonderfully eclectic choices at this year’s fest — Kendrick Lamar, Jamie xx, Kacey Musgraves, Tears For Fears, Freddie Gibbs & Mad Lib, Atlantic recording artists the War On Drugs — and plenty of other shit (a Corey Feldman Q&A, Game Of Thrones season finale) if you really hate music. You can lifestream ‘Roo right here all weekend. We’ll also be sharing reviews and photos in between corn dogs.


#10 donnytilla | Jun 8th Score:29

“@pitchfork” lol losers

of course, there’s something more sinister here sheeple. allow me to educate (as usual).

something is hidden, there is a “a hidden place.” Here we have 2 singles. “2” singles = 2 + 1 = 3. Also, “2 singles” = 11. Now put it together brainiac = 311. Both singles feature something very important = “HOLD.” Oh my god, it’s literally so clear, I don’t know how the author missed it. HOLD ON. HOLDING ON. how do you hold on? steadily. The hold steady.

“the band’s 2013 album Settle with his own mask imagery for his 2011 self-titled debut.” so we have 2 dates = 2011 and 2013. Reduce what is common between the dates (“201?) and HOLD ON to what is left = (201)1 + (201)3 = 3, 1 and add a 1 on the end for calculus and we’re left with = 311. also count the number of faces on the covers and what do you get = 3 faces from 2 covers. Roman numeral for 2 is II = 3II.

we need answers.

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#9 a.j.howard09 | Jun 10th Score:29

Man, the quotations in the title had me convinced that this was a new Moz song. Not sure the last time I was this disappointed.

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#8 blochead | Jun 10th Score:30

Let’s skip the stupid presidential debates on the next election cycle. Who really wants to hear Hillary debate Jeb? Good Lord that sounds tedious and absolutely predictable.

But what I WOULD watch would be televised debates between Morrissey and Noel Gallagher. I don’t know the ins and outs of Kickstarter but this is a crowdfunded concept that has legs.

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#7 LeMonjello | Jun 8th Score:32

Dear Tidal and Apple streaming whatever,
‘Revolutionary’ is not an appropriate term for a service that is essentially jumping on a bandwagon that has been on the move for a while now.

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#6 Max the King of All Wild Things | Jun 11th Score:32

The original draft was much more inspired:

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#5 LeMonjello | Jun 10th Score:33

Paging Ms. Merboy

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#4 dansolo | Jun 8th Score:33

I’m queer and I like PC Music. I don’t think they’re the greatest or anything, but it’s cool and Sophie makes awesome beats and “Every Night” is just a great song.

I also take issue to the idea that queer people (and he says POC too though I can’t speak here) only like emotional music rather than idea-based music. I like both, preferably at the same time, but I think using music “to explore a concept” is totally a legitimate approach to making art.

Trying to argue that the whole PC music aesthetic is broken because of one persons comments seems kinda rash. And Lotics shit ain’t that hot either, so this just reeks of trying to get a profile boost off some controversy. Maybe Lotic should not assume his music is interesting just by virtue of being a queer POC and make something that is…

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#3 inthedeadofknight | Jun 8th Score:38

Maybe SBTRKT needs a ladder, because it seems to me like they’re reaching quite a bit.

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#2 Max the King of All Wild Things | Jun 9th Score:39

Cohen lights his cigarette, turning it in his hand as he stares out the mirror, soft raindrops pattering against the greasy glass. He turns to Schreiber.

“Let me do it.” His voice is a whisper, hung in the air like a shooting star, which neither of them have ever seen before. “If I don’t take Muse down. Who will? A monkey, pissing in its own mouth? No. This is a job for an adult.”

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#1 Bol_Wan | Jun 5th Score:47

This was an interesting week. Let’s never do it again.

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#5 tosleepanddream | Jun 9th Score:-9

This just in: Stereogum commenters don’t understand cultural appropriation, power dynamics, or intersectionality.

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#4 Kitten Bowl | Jun 9th Score:-11

1) Who cares?
2) Who cares?
3) Who cares?
4) Who cares
5) Who Cares!
6) Whoeth Carth?
7) Nyaggin Nyarlahotep
8) Whoa, cars.

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Chris Jones | Jun 8th Score:-12

oh Jesus, I guess some of the Channers are sticking around after all (??)

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Motas Kah | Jun 6th Score:-12

chris martin has 2 earrings? and he’s a dude?

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#1 lil wayne disciple | Jun 8th Score:-25

That Kurt Vile and The War On Drugs are heralded by rock fans speaks to the genre’s degradation. Horrible acts to base a piece off, but yeah, Philly dudes go IN.

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Dr. Feelgood | Jun 10th Score:11

Didn’t expect to see some mint discussion in the comments. What a pleasant surprise.

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