St. Vincent Will Make You A Mixtape

St. Vincent Will Make You A Mixtape

If your dream is to receive a personalized mixtape from St. Vincent — and why wouldn’t it be? — well, today brings you one (large) step closer to that dream. Here’s what Ms. Clark just posted to the official St. Vincent Facebook page:

Hello Everyone:
Sometimes, the best remedy for what ails us is the perfect mixtape. So, St. Vincent would like to create a personalized “mixtape” just for YOU. Simply click on the link below and submit a paragraph (50 words or less) describing what in your life would benefit from a St. Vincent curated playlist. **Submissions will be anonymous, names and any personal details will not be made public**.

You can access the submission form here. Maybe you’ll get lucky!

UPDATE: Looks like this was all for St. Vincent’s new Apple Music radio show Mixtape Delivery Service, premiering on Beats 1 6/30.

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