John Coffey Frontman Did The Most Rock Star Thing Ever At PinkPop Festival Yesterday

Every once in a while, every element of the universe combines together in just the right way for one brief, magical moment, putting all other moments to shame and leading grown men and women to openly weep with joy in the streets. One such moment occurred at Dutch punk band John Coffey’s set at the Netherlands’ PinkPop Festival yesterday. While crowd-walking during his performance, lead singer David Achter de Molen — aka the biggest rock star on the planet — casually caught and downed a cup of beer perfectly thrown to him from what looks to be a pretty solid distance. Everything about it, including the incredible athleticism of the throw and the utter nonchalance of the catch, is beautiful. Watch it below in both video and gif form, and you can read an interview (in Dutch) with the guy who threw the beer here.

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