Dan Deacon – “Meme Generator” Video

Baltimore’s electronic powerhouse Dan Deacon shares his latest and wonderfully bizarre video for “Meme Generator,” a computer glitchy trip off the recent album Gliss Riffer. Deacon takes you into a game reality of programmed dance, where players are downloaded into a digital world and four choreographers each created a sequence for the “liminal” house that flashes in the background. Director Monica Mirabile says the inspiration for the video was to highlight the ways our bodies are “programmed” by the worlds we live in. There is also an interactive feature for the video that allows viewers to play around with the dances and find surprises in each one. But as Deacon’s video shows, we’re already playing this game by living in our shared and marketed reality. You can watch the experimental video below.

Gliss Riffer is out now on Domino.