Fractures – “Reactor” (Stereogum Premiere)

Fractures is the moniker of Melbourne producer/singer Mark Zito — it’s a sensational atmospheric project whose 2014 self-titled EP was streamed millions of times. As Zito prepares for his debut album — due early of next year– he gives us a glimpse via new single “Reactor.” The track gets personal as Zito exposes himself with heartbroken lyrics of mistakes that “stare from something greater” and getting caught in physical temptations. The quiet lingering beat speeds up to a louder chorus with emotional R&B-esque harmonies. Zito admits to fault and being led blindly, but the deeper intentions and the person he’s become is at question. Says Zito of the song: “It’s about lust and temptation and someone who’s given in to both. Then it’s about the guilt, justifications and lies that follow that they’d sooner believe than own up to.” Listen.