Insound’s Having A Gigantic Sale Before Shutting Down

Back in March, online vinyl and turntable purveyor Insound announced that they’d be shuttering. The music merch retailer opened in 1998 and has been in business for around 16 years. Warner Music Group purchased the company in 2008. Insound tweeted that they’d be closing down by the end of March and that pre-existing orders would be filled. But in fact, it’s months later and the website is still up and running with slashed prices.

As Billboard reports, the company sent out a promotional email announcing “The Insound Sale of a Lifetime,” or a 35-percent discount on the store’s entire remaining stock. This is especially noteworthy if you’re looking to purchase a new turntable. Consider the price difference:

No word on when the site officially goes offline; presumably, when all the merch has been sold. Help them go out with a bang and browse their wares here.