Spoon Played A Spoon Cover Band’s Afterparty In Maine Last Night

Spoon played a large show at Portland, Maine’s State Theatre last night, and after their set, local band Jeff Beam’s Loudspeaker Wallpaper covered Spoon’s Girls Can Tell and Kill The Moonlight in their entirety at an afterparty in a small club down the block. Funnily enough, Spoon themselves showed up at the afterparty, and they ended up jumping onstage to play a few songs using the cover band’s equipment. It seems like it was an unexpected great time — as Jeff Beam posted on the event’s page on Facebook, “This ended up being completely surreal.” You can watch some clips of Spoon playing at the event below, and a few more videos can be found on the Facebook event page.

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Thanks to Tom Leahy for the tip!

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