Stream Miguel WILDHEART

When we published our 50 Best Albums Of 2015 So Far list last week, the only two albums that weren’t available to hear just yet were Vince Staples and Miguel. Coincidentally, both of those albums are available to stream today. Here’s Chris’ take on WILDHEART from our list:

Think of WILDHEART as Black Messiah fighting Voodoo’s crusade. In Miguel’s contribution to the recent avalanche of funk-soul-jazz-rock odysseys from America’s black music braintrust, the bedroom is the battlefield. Feral fuzz guitars and blunt metaphors roam the fried sonic landscape, Miguel’s miraculous voice piercing the noise with more than enough grace to sell (a) direct references to the San Fernando Valley’s infamous porn industry (b) orgasms described as atom bombs (c) pop music’s umpteenth sex-as-religion analogy (d) all of the above. Whereas Kaleidoscope Dream perfected a dark, sleek, seductive sound all Miguel’s own, WILDHEART pushes that sound until it frays at the seams, mirroring the freaky adventurous streak he’s always howling about.

We’ve already heard a good handful of tracks from WILDHEART, and now you can stream the whole thing over on NPR.

WILDHEART is out 6/29 via RCA.

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