Alison Mosshart & The Forest Rangers – “Trying To Believe” Video

How did Alison Mosshart never get her own Sons Of Anarchy story arc? Plenty of other musicians did, and in retrospect, the Kills/Dead Weather singer would’ve been perfect for one of that show’s many femme fatale roles. Instead, she’ll have to content herself with throwing back drinks and enjoying a friendly game of Russian roulette with a bunch of Sons Of Anarchy dudes in a new music video. Songwriter Bob Theile Jr. worked as the music director on Sons Of Anarchy, and he put together a band called the Forest Rangers to record some of its grimy blues-rock songs. They’re now about to release an album called Land Ho!, and Mosshart shows up to sing the song “Trying To Believe” and to star in the accompanying video. In director Kenneth Cappello’s clip, Mosshart, Theile, and Sons Of Anarchy cast members Mark Boone, Jr., Niko Nicotera, Dayton Callie, and Michael Ornstein take turns showing off their intense-flinching skills. Watch it below.

(via Pitchfork)

Land Ho! is out 7/10 on InGrooves.