Previously Unreleased Michael Hutchence Solo Track Released Via Donovan’s Daughter’s T-Shirt Collection

Before his 1997 death, the former INXS singer Michael Hutchence was working on a solo album with producers Danny Saber and Andy Gill. The songs from those sessions have never come out, though Hutchence’s website shared a preview of a new track called “Friction” back in 2011. That song fragment was deleted, but now it appears that the song will come out in an exceedingly weird way. Astrella, the daughter of the folk star Donovan, has a T-shirt line called Musical T’s. The idea is that songs come with the shirt, somehow. (I guess they come with download cards? I’m assuming there’s not, like, a built-in speaker in the shirt that plays the song.) And now “Friction” will come out, available exclusively with one of those shirts. You can find all the details at Astrella’s PledgeMusic page, and now you can also stream the full track at Astrella’s site.