Deadmau5 Settles With Disney

For a minute there, it looked like an average guy couldn’t just slap on a giant LED-lit mouse mask and play EDM beats at festivals without incurring the wrath of a giant entertainment corporation. Back in September, Disney filed a claim against dance-music star Deadmau5. The company wanted to bar him from registering his logo as a trademark in the United States, claiming that it was too similar to their own Mickey Mouse ears logo and that it could “cause confusion” in the marketplace. Deadmau5 and Disney further squabbled over Disney’s use of one of Deadmau5’s tracks in a promotional video. But now, it looks like both mouse-related entities are cool with each other. An attorney for Deadmau5 tells The Hollywood Reporter that “Disney and Deadmau5 have amicably resolved their dispute,” though the terms of the settlement haven’t been declared. Meanwhile, Deadmau5 has dropped his legal claim against the parodic stage play Deadmouse: The Musical. Today, it would seem, is a great day in mouse peace.

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