Lil Wayne Nixes Minneapolis Show When Entourage Refuses Pat-Down

Lil Wayne’s recent club tour has been an eventful one. His tour bus was shot at, his security knocked a fan out, and he snapped on his DJ. And now Fox reports that he refused to go onstage at a Minneapolis show on Sunday night because people in his entourage didn’t want to be searched. Wayne was scheduled to do a show at a Minneapolis club called the Venue, and he was allowed in and ready to play. But the club refused to admit some people in his entourage when they wouldn’t allow club security to search them. The local Fox affiliate reports, “In order to ensure the safety of the artists that perform on its stage, its patrons, and its staff members, The Venue has in place many long-standing standard safety procedures. One of these safety procedures is to conduct an exterior pat-down and metal detection on each person entering The Venue, and to confirm each party’s age and identity by requesting and reviewing a state-issued ID card. These safety procedures apply to customers and entertainers alike.” While club security is no small thing, Wayne is a big enough star to play arenas. It’s easy to see why he’d feel disrespected when a club wouldn’t give him and his friends with a certain amount of leeway. The club is now in the process of refunding fans’ tickets.

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