Dirty Ghosts – “Cataract” (Premiere)

Dirty Ghosts – “Cataract” (Premiere)

San Francisco-based trio Dirty Ghosts’ new single “Cataract” will be featured on the band’s forthcoming sophomore album, Let It Pretend, as well as a soon-to-be-released Burger Records EP. Vocalist and guitarist Allyson Baker’s songwriting is heavily influenced by ’80s synth-punk acts, as well as fellow San Franciscan experimentalists Chrome. “Cataract” is upbeat and edgy, with Baker’s punchy vocal delivery somewhat comparable to Alison Mosshart’s in her work with the Kills. Listen to “Cataract” and check out the Let It Pretend and EP tracklists below.

Cataract tracklist:
01 “Cataract”
02 “Witch Hunt”
03 “Quicksand Castle”
04 “Cataract (TOBACCO remix)”
05 “Ropes That Way (Mikey Young remix)”

Let It Pretend tracklist:
01 “Some Kids”
02 “Battery”
03 “Let It Pretend”
04 “Light Like Speed”
05 “Quicksand Castle”
06 “Cataract”
07 “Hologram”
08 “So Shallow”
09 “Siamese Dogs”
10 “Moving Pictures”

The Cataract EP is out 7/24 via Burger Records.
Let It Pretend is out this fall via Last Gang Records.

[Photo by Liz Caruana]

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