Ricked Wicky (Robert Pollard) – “Tomfoole Terrific” (Stereogum Premiere)

Even though Guided By Voices officially broke up last fall, former frontman Robert Pollard has been releasing plenty of material to fill some of that void with his new band Ricked Wicky. Right after Guided By Voices split, we heard “Mobility” from Ricked Wicky’s debut album, I Sell The Circus , and this past April, Pollard released a solo album titled Faulty Superheroes. Now, Pollard has announced that Ricked Wicky will release their sophomore album, King Heavy Metal, this summer. “Toomfoole Terrific” is the first single, with heavy guitars (befitting the album’s title) that drown out some of Pollard’s vocals. Listen.

King Heavy Metal is out 7/24 via Guided By Voices, Inc. Preorder it here.